Welcome to the One Health Surveillance Codex Document: The Knowledge Integration Platform!

The OHS Codex aims at establishing a high-level framework that supports mutual understanding and information exchange between OHS sectors, which are requisite for integrated OHS data analyses. To bring this framework into “action”, the OHS Codex postulates a set of four high-level principles as well as a description of resources (e.g. tools, technical solutions, guidance documents) and example implementations supporting the adoption of each OHS Codex principles (Figure 1). The resources outlined in the OHS Codex include developments from the different work packages in ORION. A detailed description of each resource will be given in the Annex of the OHS Codex, together with practical examples and “lessons learned” from the pilot studies.

The design of the OHS Codex follows the ambitions of the “Tripartite Guide to Addressing Zoonotic Diseases in Countries” (specifically Chapter 5.2), which highlights the importance of multi-sectorial OHS information sharing. With the OHS Codex document the ORION project provides specific resources / solutions that support the practical implementation of actions proposed by the “Tripartite Guide” for a multi-sectoral One Health approach.